A Message From Our President Victor Dahan

With its close connections to the industry, Jeans.com has grown simultaneously to meet the burgeoning demands of the sophisticated denim aficionados.

Jeans.com was established in 2006 in Los Angeles, California, with the goal of spreading the love of premium denim to denim aficionados and to the world at large, and since then has become the ultimate destination for quality denim. It seems that we have reached several previously untouchable as I just read in an influential business magazine that even the traders at Goldman Sacks have been demanding to wear jeans at work. Some people may think that this is extreme, but I think that wearing jeans on Wall Street may make the financial whiz kids more in tune with the people that they should serve.

Needless to say, everyone at jeans.com can wear whatever they please when they come to work, from a 3 piece suit (no one) to jeans and sneakers.

We proudly boast a specially cured collection from top manufacturers from the Los Angeles area and beyond, which has over 100 years of cumulative achievement and experience as leaders in the denim industry.

Thank you for trusting us with your denim needs.

Victor Dahan

President Jeans.com

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