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A good pair of jeans go a long way. 

Our mission is to create a one stop shop for you to find your favorite denim. The timeless material has it's moments in different trends but denim lives on. Find a classic fit or the latest style at jeans.com where our stylists work hard to supply the best quality jeans to add to your denim collection. 

Our Current Favorites 

While some of these trends our newer, these three styles of jeans our a must-have in your closet. 
Trust us, if you don't have them already, invest. Because these signature trends are not out of style anytime soon. 
Each of our stylists top three must-haves are a staple for the wardrobe and can be a simple yet classic addition all year round, for any occasion. Boyfriend jeans with the right leather jacket, casual t-shirt and red lip have hit the red carpets. While a classic dark skinny jean can be dressed up for an elevated night look and take you from office to drinks after work. Finally, ankle cropped jeans offer a more relaxed look than the classic skinny, keep on top of the raw hem trend, you can't go wrong with pairing them with heels or a classic sneaker.  
How our stylist would wear the must-have styles from day to night.
1. Boyfriend
I love to lounge in my boyfriend jeans. I will through on a classic white t-shirt and with some relaxed sneakers. In the office I dress it up with a leather jacket, messy bun and change into some flats to still keep comfortable. At night I slip on a pair of chunky heels, swipe on a red lip and I am ready, 
2. Skinny
Skinny jeans. You can never go wrong with skinny jeans, I am a firm believer in the model-off-duty look which I achieve by wearing a simple t-shirt or pull-over, classic black skinny jeans ripped knee is always my go-to and a baseball cap. On the weekend you can elevate this look with some mules and a statement jacket, at night loose the baseball cap, add some drama with a heeled boot and slick back that hair into a pony-tail or top-knot and you are good to go. 
3. Ankle-Cropped
The ankle-cropped is a personal favorite of mine. Distressed, medium wash and a frayed hem. Of course a solid classic rolled crop jean is also a good alternative. I like to pair my ankle-cropped jean with a classic pair of chelsea boots, and an oversized colorful knit sweater. If you prefer a less dramatic look but also daring you can't go wrong with denim on denim. For night I like to pair my frayed hem ankle-cropped jeans with a simple designer belt and tuck in a 90's inspired silk style shirt to go out and dance the night away. 


Jeans.com was established in 2006 in Los Angeles, California, with the goal of spreading the love of premium denim to denim aficionados and to the world at large, and since then has become the ultimate destination for quality denim. It seems that we have reached several previously untouchable as I just read in an influential business magazine that even the traders at Goldman Sacks have been demanding to wear jeans at work. Some people may think that this is extreme, but I think that wearing jeans on Wall Street may make the financial whiz kids more in tune with the people that they should serve.

Needless to say, everyone at jeans.com can wear whatever they please when they come to work, from a 3 piece suit (no one) to jeans and sneakers.

We proudly boast a specially cured collection from top manufacturers from the Los Angeles area and beyond, which has over 100 years of cumulative achievement and experience as leaders in the denim industry.

Thank you for trusting us with your denim needs.

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