Ces Femme

Ces Femme

    We believe in fashion with comfort. We provide exceptional quality and ethically manufactured clothing in the heart of Los Angeles, California.

    Femininity at Heart
    One of our goals is to design clothes that are comfortable yet fashionably trendy. With femininity at the heart of every one of our designs, we are proud to have come this far this fast.

    U.S. Clothing Manufacturer
    Ces Femme by Mi was established as a manufacturing company in the US in 2011. Our striped, floral dresses and tops are sold to and support over ten thousand small to medium sized boutiques all over the United States.

    Style with Comfort
    Ces Femme puts its heart, sweat, tears, designing skill, and production hours into producing clothing with amazing comfort. Our team has made every effort to create the best designs you can imagine.

    Pride in our Creatives and the Design.
    Our team of expert designers got together in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and designed clothing for mature women who desire comfort as well as style.

    Doing Good, Ethical Way
    Our team realized early on that we could use our business for good and better society. We constantly strive to create better and more ethical ways to produce our products. We do this by reducing our impact on the environment and making sure to produce affordable styles that can last year after year.
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